EyEnvy Lash Growth Conditioner

EyEnvy Lash Growth Conditioner

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This cult beauty product is hard to get, because it sells out every shipment. It's one of those products people drive across town for.  It just works. 

FREE POSTAGE.   You paint it along your lashline with a brush that looks like a liquid eyeliner, except the product is clear with the consistency of a serum.  

Use it on top & bottom lashes once a day.  They'll seem to do nothing - then all of a sudden, you'll see extra millimetres.  

If you use it for about 6 weeks, that's enough to really impress you & have you committed to this product for life.  You'll try others, but always come back to EyEnvy. 

The product lasts 6 months if used daily.  The reality is that nobody does - you'll use it until you see those amazing long lashes, switch to weekly maintainance, then forget about it at some point.  Until you want super long lashes again!  
Therefore we find most people purchase 1-2 tubes in a year.  The most dedicated use 3 a year, and they have the thickest, most amazing lashes you've ever seen.

It is not uncommon to have to STOP using EyEnvy because your lashes get so long they're touching the skin under your brows.  No joke. 

To order, please send us a message on any platform, or SMS 0434082354.  
Genuine Eyenvy strictly cannot be sold online unless you're in our members-only area.  
$125, free postage in Australia, $10 to NZ.