Cosmetic Injectables

Cosmetic medicine is the art of relaxing lines, filling lips and reshaping faces.
Cosmetic injectables at Natashas are provided by Sartori Aesthetics by Nurse Rachel Elkington, who injects under the banner of Fresh Skin Clinics as her overseeing prescriber.

We offer a variety of injectable brands, to comply with Australian law we do not list them on our website. You are welcome to phone us for more information. All major injectable brands are available here.

Prescription is required for all cosmetic injectables, and if you are a suitable candidate for them, the prescription is done on the spot, lasting for 12 months.

A $50 consultation & prescription fee is taken, which covers your consultation & prescription only. Injectables are charged separately and are different for each person.

Cosmetic Injectables are available at our Southbank spa on Wednesday, Friday & Saturday.


Forehead muscles get stronger with age, pushing the brows down & making the face look heavy.  
We're always expressing ourselves with frowns and the 'oh-really?' lifted brow, leading to a permanent creasing which can feel so strong, surely nothing can smooth us out again?  
Relaxers can.  

They can smooth the lines, spread the brows, lift the brow to open up the eyes, and relieve tension headaches.  

Horizontal lines $140
Between-brow lines  $300


Open up your eyes for a fresh new view.  Brows can be lifted by releasing the pressure on the muscle above them.   

Brow Lift $80


Smooth away crows feet, or prevent them every arriving. 

Relaxer for lines beside the eyes $240
Filler under the eyes hides dark circles, smoothes, plumps, hydrates.  1 ml $599


Cheeks can drop off the cheekbone with age, leaving a hollow or shadow, and loss of facial contour.  Filler will plump the hollow area restoring some youthful contour to the cheek, which makes makeup application easier, reduces tired appearance, and returns a plump softness to the face.  

Cheek Filler $599 per ml


Noses can be built up or made more symmetrical using filler.  A combination of medium and firm filler is typically used. 

Nose Filler $599 per ml

Mouth & Lips

Lips can be made more symmetrical, plumper, larger, softer and more defined using filler - depending on what you want.  Hydration will improve because the fillers bind water. 
Lip corners may be pushed upwards with filler to reduce the dragged down appearance of aging around the mouth & give a prettier smile at rest. 

Upper lip lines or 'smokers lines' may be smoothed out using relaxers, and in more advanced cases combining relaxer & filler together. 

Lip Filler $599 per ml
Upper Lip Line Relaxers $50 approximately


Filler mimics skins-own hydration gel, so injecting it restores skins water-holding ability.  Chronically dry skins may be relieved using fillers for hydration.  

Hydration Filler $599 per ml


Chins can be built up, extended or defined using firmer grade fillers. 

Chin Filler $599 per ml


Jawlines may be defined using firmer grade fillers.  

Jaw Shaping Filler $599 per ml

Face Shaping / Slimming

By relaxing the muscles which allow us to grind the jaw, we can slim the face and give a more heart shaped face, universally perceived as more beautiful. 
This is popular with women who have square jawlines either naturally or due to stress and jaw grinding.  
Another option involves a series of injections into the fat pad under the jaw directly under the chin.  This area is sometimes impossible to move after weight loss, and can be a source of frustration for

Face Slimming Relaxers typically $600
Fat dissolving Belkyra typically $1200

Nefertiti Neck Lift

Neck rejuvenation requires a combination of injectables and skin treatments.  Nefertiti neck lift is both - by applying fillers into the skin to hold water, plump out lines and give a more velveteen smooth contour, the neck appearance is improved.   

Nefertiti Neck Lift using Filler from $400 

Teeth Grinding

Clinically known as Bruxism, teeth grinding can often be assisted with relaxer injections to weaken the overdeveloped jaw muscles.  

Teeth Grinding Relaxers typically $600 

Sweat Reduction

Relaxer injections work on the parasympathetic nervous system to stop the over-secretion of sweat.  A relief to anyone suffering wet hands or armpits beyond the control of anti-perspirant sprays, and a popular treatment with those in the public eye who can't risk a wet shirt. 

Sweat Reduction Underarms typically $1400
Hands price on application as it varies greatly depending on cause


Neck and facial tensions can contribute to headaches.  Ask Nurse Rachel if relaxers could possibly help you.