Dermapen4™ is a tech-treatment that changes every skin concern.  It's the gold standard of all-rounder skin treatments.    Dermapens key benefits are the way it treats fractions of the skin at a time, fully rejuvenating skin while keeping it totally intact. 

Making thousands of tiny channels into skin, it breaks down old, damaged structures.  Oxygen enters, destroying bacteria.  Healing ensues, forming a new and better skin.  

We love how it treats all body and face areas, including intimate zones, eyelids & lips.  Between different depths and an onboard computerised program, a single treatment will show you how powerful Dermapen4 is.  

As a certified Dermapen4 provider, you will benefit from a highly trained skin therapist with years of experience making skin healthy.  



Dermapen4™ Face

Includes your full face, eyelids, lips, neck and décolletage.  

Best for acne, lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, redness, rosacea and large pores.  
Loved by skin connoisseurs who love a fully-fledged glow-up.  

Each treatment includes

  • deep cleanse
  • exfoliation
  • nutritious glide-serum
  • Dermapen4™ device 
  • Our single-use needle cartridges are RF chipped to ensure authenticity, as needle quality is the difference between effective treatment and skin damage. 

40 min $349 / series of 6 $1745


Dermapen4™ Stretchmarks

Whether your stretchmarks are from weight loss or baby, a month old or 30 years old, we can help.  Dermapen will knit them back together, smooth them out, and reduce any angry red or purple colour.  Body confidence booster?  You bet.  For ANY area on your body.

40 min $349 / series of 6 $1745 / add to another area for $110


Dermapen4™  Scar

If you have a new or old scar, dark or light, tiny or enormous, it's all the same to Dermapen!  It helps blend them away & give back your healthy skin confidence.  Can be used anywhere on your face or body. 

30 min $349 /  series of 6 $1745 / add to another area for $110 


Dermapen4™ Intimate   

When your intimate area is ageing, nobody tells you what to do!  We will!  Dermapen will brighten, refresh & somewhat firm the labia majora and area around the vagina.  It’s possible to smooth out episiotomy scars, ingrown hair scars & even make the skin more flexible.  

Includes body area equal in size to an A4 paper. Additional areas are $100 each.

30 min $349  / series of 6 $1745 / add to another area for $110


Dermapen™ Scalp & Hairfall

If you’re losing your hair, take comfort!  Dermapen restores the  blood supply to the follicle to strengthen new growth & reduce hair-fall for men and women.  

Results show greater outcomes when minoxidil (over the counter from your pharmacy) & dermapen are combined than when either is used alone so please purchase this before you come & bring it with you. 

If you have already had hair transplants, Dermapen will increase the chance that they ‘take’, and will sustain better blood supply to them to protect your investment.  The very same treatment offered by leading hair transplant surgeons, Dermapen is the world leading device.  

45 min $349 / series of 6 $1745 / add to another area for $110


Dermapen4™ upgrades

Uber Pro Peel $70

Healite™ LED $50
performed before Dermapen4 to energise your skin cells

A note to our loyal guests:  masks are no longer available as upgrades because they are now included complimentary in all face services.