Laser Colour Correction for Body

Hands & arms, legs, back & chest... mottled complexions are quickly cleared with laser colour correction.  

Elos™ uses precision light to remove sun damage, redness & boost collagen. 
A firm, clear skin is yours from top to toe. 
Every session gives a big result, some skins may need more than one. 


Elos™ décolletage 

Includes from collar bones to collar line of a low scooped t-shirt.  

30 min $199 

Elos™ back & shoulders

Includes from waistline to collar-line of the neck, and over your shoulders down to the bicep crease.


Elos™ chest & stomach

Includes from waistline to collar-bone. 


Elos™ back of hands

Includes both hands from wrists to as far as you wish.  Some people will include fingers, especially if their goal is to make hands look plumper & smoother.  


Elos™ arms

Includes from the singlet line to the fingertips.  


Elos™ half legs

Lower half includes from just above the knee to the toes. Front & backs of legs are included. 

Upper half is the bikini line to just above the knee. Front & backs of legs are included.


Elos™ full legs

Includes from the underwear line to the toes.  Front & backs of legs are included.


Elos™ Before & After Photos