Gut Love by Bestow

Gut Love by Bestow

A modern diet wipes out so many good bacteria from your gut, responsible for good digestion, nutrient absorption and therefore good skin health.

Gut Love is a blend of organic flax seed, fibres and calming ingredients, plus the latest science of BIOHM: a blend of healthy probiotics to restore gut flora.
Take a teaspoon each day in your favourite milk, yoghurt or a smoothie. Our recommendation is to take it in Co-Yo or a smoothie featuring almond milk, as opposed to dairy which has many challenges for skin.

You’ll see a calming of acne symptoms, congestive and inflammatory skin disorders, within weeks.
Start by taking a teaspoon a day, building up to a tablespoon a day over a few weeks.

Gut Love is made in NZ, safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In fact, it’s a wonderful thing to take during breastfeeding as the more healthy the mama, the better quality the breastmilk!
You can add it to childrens food if they’re suffering eczema or psoriasis, and it’s a must-have for children or adults who have candida (thrush) which shows up as a coated tonuge or repeat UTIs among other things.

Gut Love is made in NZ by Janine Tait, the dermo-nutritionist who taught me to treat skin from within over 18 years ago. The group of therapists who treat this way is small, and we have been doing it for a very long time before this became trendy.
As this trend towards treating skin via diet increases you are going to see many products claiming to help the skin from the inside.
I implore you to consider if these companies have been doing this as a philosophy for a long time, or if they are jumping on a bandwagon trend and selling a dream. In the past few months I’ve seen some complete rubbish supplements popping up ‘for your skin’ among them sweetened shots you take in the morning, gelatin taken internally ‘to heal the gut’ (I promise you gelatine does not belong in your diet unless you are body building as your priority) and ‘collagen’ drinks which are basically junk nutrition.

Conversely, you will find Bestow Beauty by Janine Tait products are actual food. You can understand every ingredient listed, as they are things like coconut flour, ground flaxseeds, linseed.
They are literally food and you cannot hurt yourself with them.
Think about if the products you’re taking ‘for your skin’ are found in the food chain already, should they not be extracted and put in a ‘supplement’. Would you normally eat cactus extract? Has your body evolved over millennia to drink marine collagen?! No. So when these things are taken they can set of internal inflammatory responses and cause some serious issues for the skin long term. Stick to actual food and you’ll never hurt yourself, and your skin will glow with beauty from the inside out.

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